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Vigilante group 'Taking back the Bluff'

EXPOSING THE VIGILANTE GROUP KNOWN AS ‘Taking back the bluff’ which as of today operates their criminal organization on Facebook-  Link to the organized crime group and their 1000 gang members below.

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Video on the Vigilante Group which operates freely on Facebook-

Link to the Vigilante Group here - and there over 1000 members as of today

I have hesitated to speak about this group. But the situation has gotten out of hand.

The past few months members of this group have harassed- taken pictures of the homeless and posted them on Facebook- against their will [Which is a violation of Facebook policy] and the homeless have reported to me that members have actually tried to run them off the road in their vehicles.

These past few months a homeless friend of mine- Albert Hoffman- was run over and killed by the police station in Corpus Christi Texas [The Bluff station]. I have seen no reports of his death- was it murder? Was it a member of this group?

The last few weeks some one has targeted my posts on Facebook [the group targets ministries that work with the homeless] I have been getting many notices that people have ‘tagged my posts as abusive’. I think these reports are coming from members of the group.

[As I got on line to post this- many more reports have just come in. These are all the sites that I share to Facebook- which shows me the group is simply picking every post- and reporting it]

In my view- the group- and the members of the group- have crossed the legal line of harassment [Though they deny this on the description of the Gang/group].

They yell out of their vehicles at the homeless- they follow them up and down the streets. And some of my friends believe they have possibly run over and killed the homeless in Flour Bluff.

The situation has gotten way out of hand.

I believe the members of this group should all be investigated by the federal authorities- it is possible that some local law enforcement are also members of the group- if so we publicly ask for the Feds to step in and look at the members of the group [Or the Texas Rangers].

They are a public group and the members of the group have chosen to ‘go public’ with their Facebook page.

I do not ask for the public to take the law into their own hands [as this group has done] but being the members have chosen to identify themselves on Facebook- we simply ask for outside law enforcement to do a complete and thorough investigation of the members of the group [A little over a thousand Vigilantes/Members as of today on the group].

In all good conscience I ask you to report this group for ‘harassment’.

I added the link above- If you consider the homeless and down and out as your friends- then in all honesty you have the right to click the above link- go the the group and report them for harassing your friends.

Thank you-  John

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